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Our photo galleries contain a wealth of images of St. Petersburg taken by some of the best local photographers. Take a look a St. Petersburg from a huge variety of perspectives with our beautiful, large-format photos of the city's greatest landmarks and most arresting views. Explore our themed galleries below or find specific sights and attractions using our keyword search.

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Dreaming spires and dashing horsemen
Superb original photos of St. Petersburg's most famous sights and attractions taken by some of the city's best photographers.
City of contrasts
Nothing captures St. Petersburg's changing moods and rich historic resonances like black-and-white photography.
Flowing reflections
St. Petersburg is a city poised between vast expanses of sky and water, which makes for some superb photos.
The human element
From the fast-moving crowds along magnificent Nevsky Prospekt to the contemplative languor the city's warren-like courtyards.
Northern lights
The glittering lights of St. Petersburg reflect from its pastel palaces, gilded domes, and icy waterways, chasing away the winter gloom.
Inner beauty - St. Petersburg finest interiors
Take a look inside St. Petersburg's greatest buildings. Discover a world of inimitable opulence and grandeur, as well as some of the world's greatest collections.