Visas for Russia

The vast majority of foreign travelers wishing to enter the Russian Federation must bear a valid Russian visa. Below, you'll find all the information you need to make obtaining your Russian visa as simple and painless as possible, as well as details of how SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM can help you get a visa, the other paperwork required when visiting Russia, and what to do if anything goes wrong with your travel documents during your stay.

In most cases, all you will require for a visit to Russia is a standard Russian Travel Visa (valid for up to 30 days). If this applies to you, then provided you book accommodation directly with us SAINT-PETERSBURG.COM can supply you with the visa support documents you need to apply for your visa, and you can proceed directly to our Step-by-step Visa Guide.

Please note: It is now standard practice for US citizens to be issued with a three-year multi-entry visa for all trips to Russia. The procedure is the same as for applying for a standard 30-day travel visa.

  • Step-by-step visa guideDon't panic! Our simple guide will take you through every stage of obtaining a Russian Visa, from obtaining visa support to registering your visa on arrival in Russia.
  • Visa-free travelFind out whether or not you need a visa to enter the Russian Federation, and which nationalities enjoy visa-free travel to Russia.
  • Types of Russian VisaA guide to the different type of visa available for travel to the Russian Federation, plus the details of how to obtain them.
  • Get visa support documentsWe provide free visa support documents for anyone who books accommodation via this website. Please read this page before booking your accommodation.
  • Buy visa support documentsUse our trusted local partners to buy visa support documents for your Russian Travel Visa.
  • Visas for Cruise Ship PassengersYou do not need a Russian visa if you are visiting St. Petersburg as part of a cruise. However, getting a visa before departure can greatly increase your options for exploring the city.
  • Visiting St. Petersburg visa-free by ferryIt is possible to visit St. Petersburg for up to 72 hours without a Russian visa if you use the St. Peter Line ferry service from Helsinki or Tallinn.
  • Migration cards, customs, and registrationOnce you receive your Russian visa, there are a few more minor formalities to get through on arrival.
  • Visa registrationOnce you arrive in Russia, you need to registered with the Federal Migration Service within seven working days. This should be a completely painless procedure.
  • Dictionary of TermsUnsure what "visa support" actually means? Check here for an explanation of all visa-related terminology.
  • Possible Visa ProblemsWhat to do if you lose your travel documents or overstay your welcome in Russia.
  • Your nearest Russian ConsulateContact details for Russian consular departments around the world.
  • Russian visas in your countrySpecific Russian visa requirements for different countries, as well as details of where to apply for your Russian visa, and of agencies in your country that offer visa services.
  • Answers to FAQ about Russian VisaMost common questions about Russian Visas answered in detail.